GCC 590NB-80

Product name GCC 590NB-80
Dryer type Condenser
Capacity (kg) 9
Energy efficiency class B
Water container position Bottom
Start delay options Yes as a button (3h, 6h or 9h)
Electronics Fuzzy
Door Round Plastic Door
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  • Overview

    If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use product, the Candy GrandÒ Comfort range is right for you: an electronic interface easy to use, intuitive programmes and simplicity are key elements of these products.

    Candy is proud to present the "kg detector": the new smart sensor that easily understands the quantity of clothes inside the drum and adapts the drying cycle to the real load. Forget the clotheshorse, drying the clothes have never been so easy! Innovative Candy smart sensor takes care of all clothes, even more delicates!

    Wool is one of most delicate fabrics that's why Candy has studied a specific program to dry safetly these soft and warm clothes. In one hour, delicate sweaters will turn soft and dryed to perfection.

    New "flipper" paddles are studied to satisfy all loading capacity, even the smaller loads. Thanks to flipper paddles and delicate Soft Care drum, clothes are gently cuddled by air flow and are softly dried.

    The cost of energy is getting higher and higher! But thanks to new Candy tumble dryer, save money it's a child play. With a simple touch, it's possible to delay the start of washing cycle when the cost of energy is lower. Less cost, more saving!

  • Details sheet

    Product name GCC 590NB-80
    Product code 31100636
    EAN code 8016361874091
    Dryer type Condenser
    Product Line Free Standing Tumble Dryer
    Water container position Bottom
    Capacity (kg) 9
    Drum volume (l) 115
    Connectivity None
    Electronics Fuzzy
    Sensor dry yes
    Drum material Galvanized
    Voltage (V) 230-240
    Plug type UK
    Adjustable feet Yes
    Exhaust water pipe no
    Woolmark Approved no
    Start delay options Yes as a button (3h, 6h or 9h)
    End of cycle indicator no
    Number of programmes 15
    All in One no
    All towels no
    Antiallergy no
    Antiodours no
    Anticrease no
    Baby no
    Bed Quilt no
    Shirts no
    Darks and colored no
    Easy Iron yes
    Eco-cotton no
    Finish Wool no
    Jeans no
    Maxi Load no
    Memo no
    Mini Load no
    Mix & Dry no
    Perfect home yes
    duvet no
    Rapid 40' yes
    Refresh program no
    Rapid 45 min no
    Relax no
    Smart program no
    Speed cotton no
    Speed mixed no
    Sport no
    Synthetics no
    Time no
    Trainers with rack no
    Waterproof revitalize no
    Whites no
    Whites cotton no
    Woollens no
    Woolmark no
    Cupboard dry no
    Rapid 30’ no
    Rapid 60’ no
    Rapid 75’ no
    Rapid 90’ no
    Foldable Rack no
    Colour White
    Door Round Plastic Door
    Energy efficiency class B
    Condensation efficiency class C
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) 617
    Noise level (dB(A) 68
    Product height with worktop (mm) 850
    Product width (mm) 595
    Product depth (mm) 610
    Net weight (kg) 32,5
    Gross weight (kg) 34