Divo refrigerators: unique design,
top ergonomics
and the utmost simplicity of use.

Candy's Divo refrigerators offer the perfect combination of design, practicality and Italian style. Available in one-door, two-door and table-top versions, they fit into all kinds of settings perfectly, adding a touch of originality and personality to any space from the kitchen to the office.


Divo thinks it’s the star of the show

It loves to be the centre of attention in the kitchen, show off in the living room, or be in the limelight in the office. Divo is the perfect free-standing refrigerator for adding a note of character and personality to any room, from the home kitchen to open living room/kitchen spaces and open-space offices.

Its unusual rounded shape and well-designed finishes – such as the chrome-plated handle and bright colours – allow it to fit in with furnishings in any style. The Divo loves to try on different clothes, choosing wheat colour for the one-door version, with oat or red for the two-door version and white or red for the table-top model.


Divo always looks good, bringing in a breath of fresh air with its advanced ventilation and recirculation system while ensuring the utmost energy efficiency, class A++.


Divo has a heart of ice

Divo won’t get all heated up if you admire it, court it, fall in love with it. It has a heart of ice, as cold as the beer you dream of on hot summer days or the champagne you pop to celebrate.



But it helps you store your food perfectly and keep beverages exactly the right temperature with internal compartments, a top freezer and a large capacity: 124 litres for the table-top refrigerator, 304 litres for the two-door refrigerator and 311 litres for the one-door refrigerator.


Both the one-door and two-door models have a built-in metal wine rack to keep your bottles at just the right temperature.


The table-top refrigerator has central and lower boxes for food and drinks making use of added space carved out from the door.


Divo is easily accessible

It’s the VIP in the house, but it’s so easy, familiar and accessible.
Open the Divo’s door and it will give you a rather cold welcome, but it offers you access to all its compartments, shelves and drawers, all lit up perfectly with an internal led.