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Speed Drive Motor: what it is and how it works

How does a washing machine with Speed Drive Motor work?

Let's find out all the benefits of the Speed Drive Motor used in Candy washing machines

Are you close to buying a new washing machine and have no idea which one to buy? There are many different types of washing machines on the market, they differ in load capacity, functionality and mechanical operating system. With modern technologies, some washing machines are connected, have self-dosage systems for the detergent and many programs dedicated to rapid washing. Today we will discover the two main technologies that drive the motors of our washing machines.

How traditional motors work

The motors of traditional washing machines, usually called "brush motors", are equipped with copper wires on the rotor that act as electromagnets and are powered precisely by sliding brushes, or rather graphite sticks that press, activating them, on the contacts mounted on the engine shaft.

The revolution of inverter motors

Unlike brush motors, the latest technology inverter motors are equipped with an electronic device that optimizes the current consumption according to the different washing needs. What are the benefits? First of all, the silence: the absence of the brushes obviously leads to less noise and fewer vibrations inside the appliance. Secondly, since there is no mechanical clutch inside the washing machine, the internal components are less subject to wear and will tend to last longer over time.

Speed Drive Motor

The high-tech inverter motor, developed by Candy, is called Speed Drive Motor. Thanks to this motor, the speed and effectiveness of washing have been further improved, so much so that it is the only washing machine on the market that offers you a complete set of 9 quick programs that will make your everyday life easier. With Speed Drive Motor, cleaning action is boosted by up to 50% compared to traditional motors, guaranteeing the best ever for quick cycle results. With Candy RapidÓ you don’t have to choose between saving time and perfect laundry results.

Quick&Clean Technlogy

In our washing machines, the high technology of the Speed Drive Motors is supported by the Mix Power System "Quick&Clean" technology. This revolutionary technology sprays a concentrated mix of clean water and detergent on the garments, boosting the stain removal action in a shorter time, even with large washing loads. To get quick, effortless results, you no longer need to pre-wash by applying the detergent directly to your garments. Get the most effective rapid wash, in less than 1 hour!