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How do I sanitize my sheets in the washing machine?

Sanitizing your sheets in the washing machine

Understanding how to sanitize your sheets in the washing machine is important for your family well-being: here are some tips and useful advice

Knowing how to wash and sanitize your sheets in the washing machine is essential to ensure the well-being of every member of your household. Sheets are a crucial part of your linen, and you get in contact with them every day. Here is why having clean and sanitized sheets is so important. So, how do I sanitize my sheets? What washing machine programs and detergent should I use? Can I do the spin cycle and how do I dry my sheets after washing them?

Sanitizing sheets: temperature and detergent

The first aspect to consider when you sanitize your sheets is the temperature. For cotton and linen sheet sets, a temperature of about 60 °C is recommended. If, on the other hand, you want to sanitize and wash coloured sheets, then washing them at 40 °C is better. For silk sheets, opt for a hand pre-wash and then a delicate cycle at 30 °C, with no spin cycle. Candy RapidO’ washing machine features the HYGIENE PLUS 59 program: in just 59 minutes, this program at 60 °C ensures protection against germs, bacteria and allergens, as well as factors that can affect your family’s health, on all your clothes.

Remember, to avoid poor results, apart from choosing the right temperature and program, do not overload the washing machine. An excessive load could compromise the appliance functions, damage the drum and leave your clothes unsuitably cleaned and sanitized.

Concerning detergents, you can use your favourite, or a powder detergent. Alternatively, there are also sanitizing products to place directly into the drum on top of your clothes, or in the additive tray. To make your sheets even more clean and fragrant, you can use the 100% Allergen Free concentrated laundry fragrance by Care+Protect. The essence bonds to the fabric fibres for up to 5 weeks. Just pour the fragrance into the softener tray, before starting the program of your choice.

Sanitizing your sheets in the washing machine: spin cycle and drying

Spin cycles are another aspect to consider. Setting it to low helps prevent the sheets from shrinking, and is essential for cotton sheets.

Once you are done washing your sheets, do not leave them in your washing machine for too long. An annoying layer of moisture could form, and bacteria or other external agents could deposit on them, undermining any sanitizing efforts. Try to use the drier to dry the sheets, so as to expose them to the open air, and to any circulating germs, as little as possible.

Lastly, remember that, in order to have a correct hygiene, you should change your sheets and towels at least once a week. This is the only way to be sure that the bacterial load in the fabric remains low.