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How much detergent do you need for your laundry?

How much detergent do you need for your laundry?

Am I using too much or too little?

The correct dosage of detergent, we know, is no small matter. Too often we realize it is not as clean as we wanted, it does not smell enough or it is dry, hard. There are many factors that influence the washing result, some independent of us such as the hardness of the water, others are in our hands! One of the most common problems, which can damage the product in the long run, is using too much detergent. It is not necessary to overdose the detergent for best results. Today we will explain how to correctly dose the detergent to use, but first of all let's see the different types on the market and their uses!

Washing powder

Powder detergent is more suitable for whites, as it contains chemical whiteners. The powder must be placed in the detergent drawer, we suggest using a measuring cup and the quantity indicated in the package. The powder detergent washes well even at low temperatures, the only problem you may encounter is that since it is not very soluble, traces may remain in the clothes: in this case we suggest to carry out a further rinse.

Liquid detergent

Unlike powder detergent, liquid detergent is more soluble and leaves no trace on clothes. It is mainly used on coloured and delicate garments. It has less cleaning power than powder, so it is necessary to use a larger quantity. We also suggest here using a measuring cup and reading the instructions on the package. Once again, the detergent must be poured into the drawer before the wash begins.

Washing capsules

Finally, there is the solution in capsules, tablets or pods, which has the advantage of being auto-dosed. The number of capsules to use depends on the laundry load, always consult the packaging. These water-soluble capsules are inserted directly into the basket with the clothes. As we have said, the advantage is that detergent and fabric softener are already dosed: on average they cost more than other types, but for some they are much more comfortable, the choice is yours!

We at Candy have also thought of a solution for the problem of detergent dosage. With our RapidÓ and using the simply-Fi App you will always receive suggestions on which cycle to use for your laundry and on the required amount of detergent, just take a picture of the garments with your smartphone! Also, with the "Detergent Inventory" feature you will never run out of detergent! The App will keep track of consumption and possibly can automatically place an order on Amazon. Easier than that?