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Simply-Fi App : let’s take the first steps

Simply-Fi App : let’s take the first steps

All appliances in one App. Simply.

Candy has developed an app for its customers that allows you to remotely control* all household appliances. Are you away from home and want to heat up the oven so that when you get back you can start cooking right away? Are you busy with housework and want to be notified when your laundry is ready? Do you want to operate the hood to recirculate the air while you are at work? With simply-Fi App you can do all this simply using your smartphone!

*Smart Touch appliances, equipped with NFC technology, do not have the possibility of remote control


Thanks to our simply-Fi App you will be able to monitor the instant consumption of connected appliances, based on the phase of the active program. You will also receive all the info systems you need, such as when to carry out maintenance, including guides to do it in the best possible way. Candy's simply-Fi App is structured to offer you the best user experience for every single household appliance. You will be able to manage additional programs for quick or delicate washes for washing machines. You will have a library with more than 250 recipes specially dedicated to your Connected Oven and your microwave. You will be able to manage the shopping list and the expiring products in your fridge. All in one App.


Simply-Fi App is available both for devices with Android operating system and for devices with iOs system. To download our simply-Fi App, all you have to do is go to the Play Store if you are using Android or the App Store if you are using an Apple device. The app can be downloaded on both smartphone and tablet devices. Alternatively, you can download our app by simply landing on this page. 


Configuring simply-Fi App is really simple and intuitive and you will not need to install any other device except your Wi-Fi router. Before starting the procedure, make a note of the serial number of your appliance and the ID and password of the home network.

All you have to do once the app is downloaded is:

Create a simply-Fi account and activate the Wi-Fi connection. Select the appliance you want to connect and enter the serial number. Check the user manual on how to activate the appliance's Wi-Fi network. Exit the app and open the Wi-Fi settings of your device, select the appliance network from the list and connect to it. Go back to simply-Fi and wait for the procedure to be completed. At this point, enter the name of your home network and the password and wait again for the procedure to finish. Go back to your device settings, select your home network, go back to simply-Fi app and wait for the procedure to finish. At this point the game is done, you can use all the features of your simply-Fi App!

As you can see, the configuration is simple and intuitive! In the coming months, we will see in detail the specific features of simply-Fi for each Candy appliance. Stay tuned!