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How to easily and stylishly dress in layers

How to easily and stylishly dress in layers

With the arrival of autumn and approach of winter, our body needs more warmth to stay healthy, but the sudden change in temperature  makes choosing an outfit more complicated than expected. This is why knowing how to dress in layers is an essential skill and allows you– to take full advantage of the thousands of items in your wardrobe, which are often left on shelves without ever being worn.

Here are some tips chosen for you by Candy’s specialists:

  • First, make sure that the clothes chosen  are not uncomfortable when layered. Comfort and practicality should never be overlooked!
  • To make your look more dynamic, experiment with the length of the various layers. For example? A sweater can look different with a longer shirt peeking out beneath it.
  • This approach to lengths also applies to colours. In this case, there are two options: you can play with contrasts or choose to use tone-on-tone shades.
  • Mix different types of fabrics to play with their textures: faux leather and lace, tweed and satin, wool and silk... the only limit is your imagination!

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