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Simply-Fi app: induction hob

Simply-fi app: induction hob

Chef's tools: pots, wooden spoon and...smartphone!

We have already shown you how to take the first steps with the simply-Fi app to pair your smartphone and household appliance and  how to make the most of your microwave using simply-Fi, let's move on to discover how the app can help with your connected hobs.

Automatic programs

You don't need to be an expert to cook well. Thanks to Candy's simply-Fi App, you can remotely control your induction hob. If you have doubts about which temperature to set, simply ask the app. You can choose 5 different automatic cooking programs: keep warm, melt, simmer, boil and fry. All within the press of a finger.

Multiple cooking

Candy introduces a range of connected induction hobs with direct access via the simply-Fi App to multiple auto-cooking modes. Keeping your stew warm, melting butter for béchamel, simmering a delicate soup or simply boiling vegetables ... setting the ideal temperature to cook at has never been so easy: give it a go from the Direct Cook button and enjoy a chef's meal!

Power management

Do you want to manage the power of your induction hob directly from your mobile device? Don't worry, with simply-Fi you can do it! You can easily set the power limit both during installation or at any time (only on connected models) ensuring high cooking performance. The power can range from 2.5 to 7.4 Kw, even though you are using all the zones at the same time.

Remote managing

Finally, don't miss out on simply-Fi's exclusive remote management features. Thanks to real-time notifications, the app will inform you when cooking is finished and your meal is ready.

You can check the status of your hob at any time, wherever you are, by monitoring the remaining cooking time and the power of your hob. You also receive tips and guides on maintenance, keep an eye on consumption and if an electrical problem should arise, again via simply-Fi, your hob will promptly notify you.

*To minimize any cooking emergencies, when the appliance is in use, Hoover recommend the appliance is not left unattended.