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How to organize your basement: smart solutions to welcome your guests

How to organize your basement

Whether it is a dinner with friends or a relaxing moment, organizing your basement has never been easier, with these smart solutions

Not everyone is lucky to have a basement: this room is perfect to relax while at home. A functional environment to entertain and to create another room where you can have fun in pleasant company. There are many solutions to organize it. Here are a few tips.

How to organize your basement: smart kitchen solutions

The basement is the perfect place to entertain and dine with your friends: a comfortable kitchen with all the appliances is a must, and you can have a lot of benefits, by purchasing smart models. If you love country and traditional styles, you can opt for a central wooden table with wooden stools for your basement. All paired with soft toned furniture. In a traditional kitchen, an oven is a must-have, better still if smart. Thanks to Candy ovens connectivity and technology, you can preheat your oven remotely and offer one of the many recipes from the app on your smartphone to your guests.

Organizing a modern open space basement

If you are looking for a more modern space with a contemporary style, you can opt for total white furniture. To make the space even more enjoyable, opt for an open space with open and fully equipped kitchen, paired with a sofa-island and a modern designer lamp. To welcome your guests and enjoy a cocktail together, you can create a small entertaining area with a wet bar. Here, an important feature is a wine cooler, connected to the hOn app to view the list of wines you’ve already tried to offer your guests: wine lovers will be thrilled!

Solutions to organize a small basement

Don’t have a lot of space available? Don’t worry! There are many popular solutions to furnish a small basement too. For the kitchen, opt for smaller yet more functional appliances, perfect for any preparation, such as a small electric oven or a microwave. Furnish your living area with a loveseat that turns into a sofabed, so you can accommodate your friends. Choose a small table that can be extended, if you need to.

Candy wine coolers, thanks to their unique style, can be placed everywhere in your home, even under the table: the important thing is to keep them away from light and heat sources.

There are many ways to furnish a large or small basement with smart appliances! What are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild!