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How to make sure your glasses come out sparkling clean after running them through the dishwasher

How to make sure your glasses come out sparkling clean after running them through the dishwasher

Say goodbye to cloudy glassware. With these top tips and the right cleaning products, your glasses will be sparkling clean once more

The dishwasher is an indispensable household appliance. Practical and fast, it saves you from having to wash up after dinner parties with friends. But watch out, forgetting to regularly clean and maintain your dishwasher can lead to problems. One of these is cloudy glassware. Is it even possible to get sparkling clean glasses after putting them through the dishwasher? 100%, you just need to know what to do!

Struggling with cloudy glasses after putting them through the dishwasher? Don’t forget to use rinse aid

To make sure your glasses come out super shiny, you need to use rinse aid. This product is key to ensuring plates and glasses come out sparkling clean. Rinse aid is designed to give glassware an extra shine and allows you to protect dishes from stains and halos. When used correctly, it also helps cutlery and crockery to dry more quickly, which avoids limescale stains and halos from forming on crystal.

Rinse aid also allows water to glide off dishes and prevents stagnation and the formation of water droplets. It’s super simple to use and you’ll find all the instructions on the product packaging.

Dishwashing detergents and all-in-one formulas

Modern Candy dishwashers boast a wide range of features and most are also energy saving. The fact remains that you need to look after your appliances to achieve the best results. To get sparkling clean glasses after washing them in the dishwasher, we recommend using a Care + Protect all-in-one cleansing tab. These tabs contain special dishwashing detergents such as saline, which protects even the most delicate dishes. Candy dishwashers are equipped with a special program designed specifically for these tablets, allowing your appliance to optimise the dishwashing process while ensuring the tablet dissolves perfectly.

These tabs are also effective against more stubborn stains and give crockery and cutlery an additional shine without leaving streaks. The tabs also leave a water-soluble film on dishes to prevent the formation of limescale.

Glassware can sometimes absorb bad smells after being run through the dishwasher and these tabs are able to neutralise odours by releasing a fresh scent

Caring for your glassware: some top tips for perfect results

Looking after your dishwasher is key to the cleaning process, but there are some additional rules you should follow for perfect results. 

  • Before putting your glasses in the dishwasher, make sure there are no encrusted stains on them, and pay particular attention to red wine glasses. Rinse them well with soap before putting them in the dishwasher. 
  • Once the wash cycle has finished, open your dishwasher door to release the steam. If a few droplets remain, dry them with a microfibre cloth or cotton rag.

It doesn’t take much to get splendid results. Take care of your dishwasher, choose the right cleaning products, and your glasses will be shiny and fragrant once more!