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How to safely defrost meat in the microwave

How to safely defrost meat in the microwave.

Freezing and defrosting meat

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed lots of our habits, and grocery shopping is no exception.  In order to avoid stores and to shop less frequently, we now tend to stockpile meat, and the freezer has become our best friend in the kitchen. This is why it’s important to know how to defrost food items at best and safely in a microwave, another kitchen must-have.

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Defrost function

Pork chops, hamburger, chicken legs, veal roast. All types of meat can be easily frozen, but what about the defrosting process? It is as easy and quick as putting something in the freezer: just follow our suggestions. First of all, make sure that your microwave comes with the Defrost function: usually, you can find the defrost symbol (a snowflake or a snowflake with a drop) on the control panel. Then, take your piece of meat out of the freezer and place it in a microwave-safe container. After that, set the dedicated settings. Candy microwaves, for example, let you choose between two options:

  • Defrosting by weight. Select the weight of your produce (from 100 g to 2 kg) and the appropriate defrosting is automatically set;
  • Defrosting by time. You can choose the defrosting time from 10 up to 95 min.

Steam defrosting

Have you ever tried to steam defrost your meat? If not, you should.

Thanks to the steam accessory suitable for microwaves, you can get amazing defrosting results. In fact, this process guarantees a very uniform thawing, as well as the preservation of your meat nutrients.

Here are the detailed instructions to defrost meat at best with the Candy microwaves:

*Results tested with Candy COOKinAPP steam edition.

Precious tips

We have just learned the basics of meat microwave thawing. Here’ a roundup of useful tips that can ease and improve the defrosting process:

  • cook the meat immediately after defrosting it in the microwave;
  • refreeze microwave thawed food only after cooking it.;
  • use only containers, lids and wraps that are clearly marked as microwave-safe;
  • before defrosting, remove the food from unsafe packaging, such as polystyrene trays, plastic wraps that touch the food, and freezer carton boxes.