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Induction hob: how to use it correctly

How to use and maintain your induction hob

What to know to make the best use of your induction hob and to perfectly maintained it.


Induction cooking has revolutionized the way we cook, replacing classic gas hobs with a technology that combines electricity and magnetism for maximum performance when preparing food. But what is the correct way to use this device? And how can you take care of it without ruining it? Read the rest of our article to discover several tips used every day by Candy’s cooking experts!


The right pots and pans


You need to carefully choose the right containers to use on the induction hob. Not all of them are suited to this technology. Only pots and pans with an iron base should be used. Therefore most steel containers, cast iron plates and grills are suitable. Recently symbols have been introduced on certain utensils to indicate whether they are compatible. The induction hob also works with our beloved moka pots. However, make sure they are the right material: they must be made of stainless steel to use induction energy.


How to clean the surface


People who cook are well-aware that not all dirt is the same. This is why it is important to know how to deal with it so that we do not risk damaging the surface of our induction hob. When dealing with dry dirt, water, a cloth and a paper towel are all you need to carry out a routine clean of your induction hob. Wet a cloth (ideally made of microfibre) or a soft sponge and gently wipe the affected areas, drying them at the end of the process with some paper or a kitchen towel. Even if spilled food cannot burn on the glass, you should try to remove it immediately after use, ensuring that the hob is switched off and cold. For grease and oil stains, use a little mild detergent: pour a drop on a damp sponge and gently rub, then rinse with a damp cloth and dry. Finally, for the most stubborn dirt, you should use the special induction hob scraper, together with a mix of vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.


Choose the ideal product


Still don’t have an induction hob? Unsure which to choose for your kitchen? Choose the Candy Induction Hob, which is fully connected to the simply-Fi App, to obtain faster and more uniform cooking and easy and safe cleaning!