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Herbs and spices that you must have in the kitchen

Herbs and spices that you must have in the kitchen

All the spices and herbs that cannot be missing in your kitchen

Whether cooking is a real passion or simply a pastime, in any self-respecting kitchen two things cannot miss: an excellent hob and a vast assortment of herbs and spices. To adjust, to flavour or simply to decorate a dish, herbs and spices are essential ingredients in both traditional and modern cuisine. Let's discover their benefits and differences together.

What could you use the spices and herbs for?

Aromatic herbs and spices many times are the real protagonists of the dishes. They serve to give that extra touch of flavour that you would not otherwise obtain! In addition, they allow you to reduce the amount of salt in the kitchen, which never hurts. Spices can be used to colour dishes, see for example saffron. They can be used in herbal teas such as ginger and cloves, they can be used to flavour sauces and even in desserts, such as cinnamon or nutmeg. The herbs, instead, serve to marinate the meat, to flavour the steaming water and to give a unique flavour to the soups.

What are the main herbs?

Not being able to list all the existing herbs, we will present to you the most common and used ones. Oregano and marjoram, which are used to flavour meats and fishes. Parsley for potatoes, seafood salads, and legumes. Basil, famous for its use in tomato sauce. Chili pepper for meat, rosemary for fish, and shallot for soups. Obviously, these are just some of the uses you can make of them, it's up to your imagination and creativity to use them to the fullest!

What about spices?

Here too the list would be endless. Let's start with black pepper, used for meat, sauces and pasta. Coriander for ricotta and spinach, in ravioli but also for desserts. Speaking of desserts, let's not forget cinnamon and anise. Then we have the fennel, famous for being associated with sardines and fatty meats. Ginger, among the most versatile spices, should also be remembered in this group: it can be used with meats, game and fish, but also to flavour sweets or to prepare excellent herbal teas. The aforementioned saffron, among the most expensive spices and with the characteristic yellow flavour. Tell the truth, do you have them all in the kitchen?

To prepare your dishes in an optimal way you will not only need excellent ingredients, but also an ally in the kitchen that's right for you. Thanks to Candy's Induction Hobs, you will discover that cooking has never been easier! Come and find out more about efficiency, speed and ease of use.