Candy and Garage Italia present the washing machine “Bianca Millennial Pink Edition”

Candy and Garage Italia present the washing machine “Bianca Millennial Pink Edition”

Candy Bianca “Millennial Pink” born thanks to the collaboration of Garage Italia, design lab founded by Lapo Elkann, a provocative and “young” version of “Bianca”, the first washing machine in the world with intuition.

Bianca’s “Millennial Pink” version was created by a group of designers who conceive, interpret and recreate original versions of iconic products, through trendy painting and restyling, such as the chrome details and the polarized glass of the door, that make this washing machine unique and appealing, fitting for a young and dynamic target. The “Millennial Pink” color has been chosen from over 100 different shades of pink, carefully considering imperceptible but significant nuances.

Candy Bianca Millennial Pink Edition will be available with a 10 kg load capacity and 1400 maximum spin speed. The inverter motor guarantees high energy performance reaching A+++ -40% energy class and, at the same time, it ensures a noise level of only 51 db(A). Like its Bianca “twin” you can manage it remotely and receive real time notifications thanks to Candy simply-Fi app.

Candy Bianca Millennial Pink Edition is a unique artwork and will be manufactured and put on the market as a limited edition.

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““After the success of the last edition, Bianca is back at IFA 2018 with a new young and captivating look. The new Millennial Pink model combines two peculiarities: the style of Garage Italia, brilliant and fresh, and Candy’s aim to innovation combined with the Italian spirit. For years now Candy has invested a large part of its resources in the study of technologies and innovations capable of improving people’s lives. Products with an unmistakable design and style, that are easy to use, able to fully satisfy and in some cases even to anticipate our users’ needs and habits.”

Aldo Fumagalli, Head of Candy’s Washing Appliances Business Sector and Connectivity


“Garage Italia is a reality founded on young people and on new generations, natural carriers of innovative ideas and renewal. Millennial Pink is born thanks to the combination of the technological excellence of Candy and the contemporary style that Garage Italia, with its young creatives and designers, injects in all projects. Hi-Tech and Italian Design meet and give life to a unique and unconventional product that will bring color, care for details and love for beauty.”

Lapo Elkann, Founder, Chairman and Creative Director of Garage Italia


Thanks to the “Talking Bianca” function, it is possible to talk with the washing machine through the smartphone. Bianca understands your needs, helps you in choosing the most suitable program, memorizes your habits and provides you valuable tips for washing. In addition, Bianca promptly informs you about its state of maintenance, in order to be ready for every request of intervention if necessary.


The Zoom function is a very precious ally for a better time management. Thanks to the Mix Power Jet Plus technology, which injects pure detergent directly into the heart of garments, Bianca can wash in less than an hour, every fabric with every programs, with a class A washing result.


Bianca is equipped with the Smart Ring interface: a single, circular touch display from which it is possible to activate and combine all the main programs and options with a single touch, choosing the most useful one according to your needs. The Smart Ring, specially positioned with an 11-degree inclination to avoid bending, is both comfortable and ergonomic.