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The new Candy Brava dishwasher is designed around this concept: quicker washing cycles help saving time that you can dedicate to the things you love most, improving the quality of life. You can stay connected at all times and quickly access extra contents and features. Moreover, you can interact with your voice through your smartphone or digital assistant. Brava dishwasher is available both in free standing and in built-in version.

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Rapid as never before

Brava is unbeatable in saving time always ensuring the best cleaning results you are looking for.

Save time

Wash and dry perfectly in just 39 minutes with the fastest A-Class cycle on the market, thanks to the ultimate High-Pressure System of the Zoom 39’.

Rapid 24’

The best combination of time and performance for washing lightly soiled dishes in only 24 minutes at 50°C.


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Efficient solutions



Maximum hygiene

Candy Brava is the ideal ally to get perfect hygiene in your kitchen. Choose the sanitising 75°C programme (140’)*  to to sterilise dishes, pans and baby bottles and guarantee protection for the whole family from germs, bacteria and other factors that can impact on your health.

Plus, its auto-cleaning antibacterial filter* provides clean water for all the washing phases and reduces from 98.3% to 99.9%** the vital bacteria after 24 hours of the injection.

* available only on Smart Touch models (12 programs)

** Experiment conducted on samples of polyurethane surfaces processed with antibacterial, against S. Aureus and E. Coli.


Perfect cleaning

Perfect Rapid Zone is the new clean system able to remove the most soiled plans and to get rid of dirt from your dishes, even with Rapid Programs. It has +60% of washing force and the extra spray arm.


Great efficiency

Thanks to the new Speed Inverter Motor, Brava delivers great performances with maximum efficiency. According to the new European legislation*, its energy efficiency class is B, which corresponds to the previous A+++ class with 45% margin.

*applying from 1 March 2021


Maximum efficiency

The Smart door is a solution that makes the door open automatically at the end of the cycle. This helps to achieve fast and maximised drying performance.

Smart Experience

You can manage Brava remotely through your smartphone wherever you are. Thanks to the Talking Candy function you can dialogue with your dishwasher also with you voice via digital assistant.

Via simply-Fi App you will be able to start customised programmes and guided washing or handle washing cycles; get visual tips and support about maintenance, functions, usage and energy statistics to keep comsumptions under control and optimise results.



Functional design



Always update checklist

Thanks to the inventory function you can constantly check and monitor via App  the level of salt, rinse aid and the amount of tabs you have left.

Longer life

With the Check-Up & Programmed Maintenance you can periodically monitor via App the health status of your dishwasher.

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Maxi loadability

Unique internal design, world first with a maximum of 16 place settings. Up to 201 items can be loaded and washed in just one cycle.


Space efficiency

The brand-new Smart Basket has blue supports that are specifically designed to ensure the optimum positioning of your dishes. The upper basket provides an extra 10% of space its height can be adjusted.


Ergonomic and easy grip

New interiors and newly-designed handles: curved and embossed to guarantee user-friendliness and maximum comfort.


More space for all kitchenware

You can position maxi plates and oven accessories of all sizes up to 34,5 cm of diameter.

Addictional advantages



Easy communication

Intuitive display in your native language

The new text display can communicate in more than 20 different languages to make it easy for you.

Comfort at your fingertip

Enjoy the feeling of touch buttons for a better usability and comfort.


More safety

If water exceeds normal levels the total water block, aquastop and aqua protect system automatically blocks the flow from entering and/or drains excess quantities of water.

Add dish

You can add items even after start and still be sure of getting the best cleaning results.

Optimized washing solution

Thanks to the Dirt Sensor system, the dishwasher automatically adapts temperature and time depending on the level of soil detected.

Best hygiene

Candy’s patented triple auto-cleaning antibacterial filter has an internal micro-filter providing constantly clean water in all washing phases.