Are you using your induction hobs fully?

Discover the Candy connected induction hobs and enter a new, no-stress way of cooking. Use the Candy App to control your connected induction hob easily and safely and make the most of it through smart functions that will make your everyday life in the kitchen much easier.



Get real-time information

No more need to always stay in front of the hobs during long cooking preparations. Thanks to the Candy App, you can check the status of the hob anytime directly from your smartphone. Which zones are on? Which is the power level? How much cooking time is left? With the Candy App, you will have the answers always at your fingertips.


Command your hob the smartest way

You can melt, simmer, boil, fry, or keep your dishes warm just by using your smartphone and simply confirm the command by tapping the Direct Cook button on the hob. Try our dedicated programs via Candy App and the hob will regulate itself to the perfect cooking parameters with no need to worry about it.

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