Smartness: how to simplify your day with the Candy tutorials

Candy connected appliances are full of innovative functions: discover how to use them at their full potential thanks to the Candy tutorials. An immediate and quick way to learn everything about your new connected appliances and find out how they will simplify your daily life.

Washing tutorials


Easy Set-up

Follow these simple steps to easily enroll your Candy washing machine on the App.


Remote Control

Find out how to control your washing machine remotely by simply using your voice or smartphone and check your laundry status anytime, wherever you are.


Snap & Wash

Discover the best and fastest washing cycle according to your laundry type (amount, fabric, colour) by simply taking a photo of your laundry.


Brava add dish

Easily check on your washing cycle status even when already started and find out if you can add more dishes.


Brava Talking

Manage your Candy dishwasher easily via app by simply using your voice.

Cooking tutorials



Discover a whole world of special contents, tips & tricks to make the most of your Candy microwave.



Find out how to set the perfect automatic programs for your cooking needs.


Power management

Use the Power Management function to allow automatic power limitation of your cooktop and avoid overloading.


Save time

Last-minute dinner? Start your oven remotely even if you’re not home yet.



Talk with your oven via the Candy app: manage it quickly and get suggestions about delicious recipes.

Cooling tutorials


Food locator

Use the Candy app to get suggestions about the best place in the fridge to put your foods in order to preserve them perfectly!


Wine list

What’s in your wine cellar? Check your wine list on the app to discover how to check-in and check-out your wines to maintain it always updated.

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