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Connected oven recipes


Rustic Focaccia with salt flakes

Discover our recipe for tasty focaccia with a golden, crisp crust and soft interior. Activate the Steam function of your Smart Steam Connected Oven to obtain a perfect result!


Stuffed peppers

Try these colorful and flavor-packed stuffed peppers for a Mediterranean lunch with the telescopic runners of our Smart Steam Connected Oven, placing the baking dish in the oven will be a piece of cake!


Oven roasted duck breast

This duck breast recipe will offer your palate an appealing combination of flavors and textures. Through our simply-Fi App connected to your oven, you’ll just have to select the recipe and start the cooking process in one click!


Crema Catalana

Creamy texture and caramelized sugar topping are what make this Spanish dessert a world-famous delicacy. Master this classic dessert by activating the Steam function of the Candy Smart Steam Connected Oven.


Wholemeal flour and rye bread

Discover our recipe for homemade wholemeal flour and rye bread: perfect as if it was just out of the bakery. Our secret? A touch of steam! Activate the steam cooking function on your Candy Smart Steam Connected Oven!


Baked stuffed tomatoes

Looking for new ways to change your dinner routine? Try these tasty stuffed tomatoes! Just follow every step of the recipe on the simply-fi App.


Veal with tuna sauce

Known as Vitello Tonnato, this is a delicious traditional Italian recipe. By activating the Steam function of our Candy Smart Steam Connected Oven, you will enhance the flavor of the meat while preserving all its juices.


Turkey roulade

Turkey roulade it’s a tender, easy to make, super elegant, juicy and delicious dish. Follow every step of the recipe on our simply-fi App, activate the steam function of your Smart Steam Connected Oven and... there you have it!


Sablée pastry biscuits

Sablée pastry biscuits are ideal for breakfast, for a snack or even as a dessert after lunch. Follow our easy recipe and cook it in your Candy Smart Steam Connected Oven; the steam function will make you achieve the result you are looking for!


Potato-crusted fillet of sea bream

Potatoes and fish: a match made in heaven! A tender sea bream with crispy potato crust is a restaurant dish that you can easily cook at home with our Smart Steam Connected Oven and its steam functions that will make your fish tender inside and crispy outside!


Pizza margherita

Who doesn’t love pizza! This famous and classic Italian food is a dish that everyone would love to cook at home. With our easy recipe and with the help of the steam functions of Candy Smart Steam Connected Oven, you will have the impression to be into a real Italian pizzeria!


Chicken breast with pink peppercorns

Do you want to turn a simple chicken breast into a dish out of this world? Try our easy-to-make recipe! Just follow every step of the recipe on our simply-Fi App and discover many more tasty dishes to prepare!


Roast Beef

Roast Beef is a classic dish that might seem fancy and complicated to make, but it's actually quite simple. Just follow our recipe! And when you are done cooking, activate the Pyrolisis function of your Smart Steam Connected Oven that will remove any greasy residue and make the cleaning process much easier!


Oven-baked sea bass with cherry tomatoes and capers

Sea bass is a delicate yet tasty fish. Simply activate the Steam function of your Smart Steam Connected Oven to enhance its flavour. The steam will make your fish’s flesh really tender and moist!


Wholemeal bread with walnuts

Add some walnuts to wholemeal bread dough to boost the flavour of your homemade bread! And to get a perfect result, activate the Steam function of your Smart Steam Connected Oven with the simple touch of a button!


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Connected induction hob recipes


Risotto with clams, bottarga and orange

Impress your guests with this Italian clam risotto recipe! With the Twin Power Zone and the Multislider Control of our Connected Induction Hob, you will have full and easy control of the temperature and uniform cooking.


Farro with cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes, olives and capers paired with farro, create a delicious dish for your summer lunches. Select the Frying direct cook mode on your simply-Fi App and this tasty dish will be cooked to perfection!


Paccheri with fish ragù

A Mediterranean flavor first course that you will love to cook: Paccheri with fish ragù. Thanks to the Direct Cook mode and the Booster function of our Connected Induction Hob, preparing this recipe will be super fast and easy!


Summer minestrone with barley and mint

A great classic of Italian tables, minestrone is a recipe that adapts to every season. With our Connected Induction Hob and its Direct Cook functions, the cooking of your minestrone will be spot on! And if you want to prepare this recipe with your children without any worry, activate the Child Lock function!


Truffles with limoncello

A touch of lemon Italian liqueur adds extra flavour to these creamy chocolate treats. Before start cooking this delicious recipe, set the maximum power of your Connected Induction Hob easily via simply-Fi App.


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