Are you using your wine cellar fully?

Choose a Candy Smart Wine Cellar and be connected to your passion in the simplest way. Try all the exclusive connectivity features via Candy simply-Fi App and explore the exclusive, dedicated contents available on the hOn App to use your wine cellar at best and discover a whole new smart wine inventory experience. 

simply-Fi smart features


Wine inventory

With the simply-Fi App track your wine stock and check which wines are stored in your wine cooler with detailed information.


Manage your wine cellar

Set the right temperature or choose among the Candy Wine Cellar special programs to enjoy your wine in the easiest way.


Useful suggestions

Get extra contents and information by consulting the Tips & Tricks section of the simply-Fi App and in case of doubts easily download the User Manual or directly call the assistance to get help.

hOn dedicated content


Snap your wine label

Are you ready for a brand new smart wine inventory experience? Use the hOn App to scan your favorite wine labels and immediately get a complete ID with all the useful information about perfect storage and the best food pairings.

Discover a universe of exclusive content to give a new perspective to your cellar.

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Keep a wine timeline

Keep track and be always updated about all your wines activities. Use the hOn App to check on the wines you stored over time and save a complete list of all those you loved the most.


Manage your wines easily

The hOn App allows you to easily and quickly check what’s in your wine cellar and consult your personal list to know what is missing. Plus, you can check-in and check-out your wines directly on your smartphone to always keep the list as updated as possible.

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