The new Candy Divo is the smart retro-inspired microwave perfect for those who want to save time without giving up on fun and creativity. A perfect combination of aesthetic and smart functionality, with the Candy Divo automatic cooking programs you can prepare fast, delicious meals and download the hOn App to quickly access extra contents, tips and dedicated recipes.

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Italian Design

Designed in Italy with great attention to detail, Candy Divo will bring an original retro twist to your kitchen. The fluid shapes and brushed profiles make it extremely elegant while the integrated knob, handle and buttons create a clean and effective interface. Black, red, orange, cream and acid green: choose your favourite touch of colour to décor your kitchen!


Simply-Fi cooking experience

Cooking has never been easier with the Candy simply-Fi App! Just download it to learn how to make the most of your new Candy Divo. Navigate the different sections, “Cooking”, “Recipes” and “Tips & Tricks” to learn about individual foods, delicious cooking ideas and unexpected usages of your microwave.


hOn cooking experience

Cooking has never been easier with the Candy hOn App! Just download it to learn how to make the most of your new Candy Divo. Enjoy more than 100 delicious recipes, and discover a world of cooking suggestions and smart tips & tricks.

Daily use



Use the microwave function to easily reheat your favourite dishes and drinks in few minutes.



The new Candy Divo includes both microwave and grill functions. Just choose and set your perfect combination to cook fast and delicious recipes.



With this programme you just have to select the desired time or the food weight: the Candy Divo will take care of everything for perfect defrosting.

Smart functionality  

Compact dimension 

With its 25 liter capacity and compact shape, Candy Divo is perfect to fit in your kitchen and to be used daily.

Quartz grill

The Candy Divo quartz grill is so much easier to clean than a classic grill and its hidden position guarantees safer usage. Plus, it helps to reach the perfect temperature to evenly cook all your favourite dishes.

Child lock

The Child Lock prevents the microwave from being used unintentionally by children, ensuring absolute safety in the kitchen.

Sound Off

Is someone sleeping? Just set your microwave to “mute” whenever you want according to your family needs.


Divo Compact Edition

Not every kitchen has space for full-size appliances. This is why Candy has designed Divo Compact Edition, the new smart microwave that helps you saving space, taking only 0.7-cubic-feet capacity (20 lt). Available on Grill or Solo type, this compact edition features 9 automatic cooking programs. Choose between five fun colors: green, cream, red, matt black and orange, and add a touch of Italian style to your kitchen!

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