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Save precious time and get the best value for money

In our daily life full of tasks, time management is crucial. This is why we have designed a washing machine having 3 important things in mind: rapidity, simplicity and smartness. Candy SmartPro is the solution with an extra plus: it’s very affordable without compromises on performance. Doesn’t it sound smart to you?


Washing performance


9 Rapid washing cycles in less than 1 hour

Your daily laundry can be very different in term of needs but it has one thing in common: it can be perfectly washed in only 49 minutes. Candy SmartPro offers a complete set of 9 rapid cycles to save time for anything you like.


Perfect washing

Thanks to the Active Motion System, Smart Pro boosts the detergent cleaning action by raising the rotation speed of the drum at multiple levels during a wash. The Active Motion System guarantees the performance you are looking for.


Easy set up

Managing all the programs and options of your washes has never been so easy. Thanks to the SmartText Display, programme name, timing and all your cycle information are immediately visible in your native language.


Smart tech

Via simply-Fi App you have access to the widest set of smart features and have Full Remote control. For example, you can:

• Activate periodic washing reminders with Memo Smart Wash

• Save the programmes you like for the next washings in New Favourites

• Get Smart Detergent Tips to check the right dosage of detergents

• Get all the info about maintenance-related support for the long life of your washing machine

• Choose among more than 20 additional cycles for any need you may have.

The perfect match

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