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Natural steam for traditional cooking flavours.


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Candy's Smart Steam oven offers the perfect combination of traditional and steam cooking in a single oven. At the touch of a button, water turns into steam, cooking your food while preserving its organoleptic properties and without altering its taste.

Imagine how many things you will be able to do with your oven thanks to Candy simpy-Fi App, like choosing among more than 250 dedicated and automatic recipes for your last minute dinner, talk to your oven when your hands are busy and control it remotely when you are unable to arrive home on time.

Candy Smart Steam, your food’s mentor



Just as a good teacher brings out the best in each student, so the Candy Smart Steam oven brings out the best natural qualities in food.

The steam feature cooks your food gently and for the right length of time, leaving it tender yet firm and flavoursome, and ready to be eaten as it is or with a little seasoning; the traditional cooking feature then adds a touch of crispness on the outside. More flavour, less fat, for more digestible food: this is Candy’s revolutionary food formula.

The Steam function can be used to cook vegetables, fish and meat and is perfect for preparing foods that need leavening: surprise your guests baking homemade bread, crunchy outside and soft inside.

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Candy Smart Steam: 1, 2, 3…steam!



With the Candy Smart Steam oven, cooking becomes child play. You can use traditional cooking methods alongside the new steam feature to make your dishes even healthier and more delicious than ever.

Easy as one-two-three! Pour some water into the reservoir, select one of the four steam features and press the start button. The water will evaporate, thus starting the cooking process. Easy, right?


What shall I cook for dinner? No need to panic with the Candy simply-Fi App



If you're away from home and don’t know what to prepare for dinner, no need to fret: your problems will evaporate! The Candy simply-Fi App suggests you 50 steam recipes, cooking tips and tricks to make a good impression at the table in addition to useful cleaning and maintenance advices.

Want to prepare quick oven baked dishes? Biscuits and desserts for your children's breakfast or snack? Delicacies to entice your partner or show off your cooking skills with your mother-in-law? Download the Candy simply-Fi App onto your smartphone and relax. Cooking has never been easier, even for the less experienced chefs among you.

A new world of connectivity



Your Candy Steam oven is also available with connectivity functions and vocal management that have never been integrated into an entry-level household appliance before. Via Candy simply-Fi App, you can have access to more than 250 extra traditional cooking recipes, talk to your oven when your hands are in the dough and control it remotely if you are stuck in the traffic. These connection-enabled procedures allow you to prepare delicious dishes for your family and guests in a faster and easy way.


Easy cleaning system and maximum hygiene


Are you one of those people who like cooking but hate cleaning the oven? Candy Smart Steam is the oven for you: zero effort cleaning and maximum hygiene guaranteed.

Thanks to their effective cleaning system (Aquactiva) the Candy Smart Steam ovens allow easy cleaning and complete sanitation. Plus, some models offer a double, pyrolytic and hydrolytic cleaning system, so that you can choose the best programme depending on your needs and the level of dirt.  



All the Candy Smart Steam ovens are equipped with the Aquactiva hydrolytic cleaning system, effective from 90° C. With hydrolysis, residues are softened, making the oven easier to clean. Just pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven reservoir and heat it for 30 minutes. At the end of the programme, simply wipe the oven with a sponge or cloth to remove any dirt residue.


Pyrolytic cleaning is ideal to deep clean your oven effortlessly. The temperature reaches as high as 500° C so that at the end of the programme all you need to do is wipe up the ash generated by the combustion of food residue using a damp cloth. And all with the utmost safety since the oven door remains cold at all times.

If you choose an oven with the double cleaning system you can use the Aquactiva programme for you day-to-day cleaning and pyrolysis to fight more stubborn dirt, for an oven that is always pristine and ready to use.

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